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Singapore amends regulations concerning WEEE and packaging regulations

Strengthening regulatory thresholds for products covered by WEEE

EPR Circular Economy Wastes (Products) Container/Packaging Household Appliances IT Equipments Office Equipments

In Singapore, the Resource Sustainability (Prescribed Regulated Products) (Amendment) Regulations 2023 were promulgated on May 25, 2023. These regulations amend the “Resource Sustainability (Prescribed Regulated Products) Regulations 2019” for products …

Singapore announces public consultation on new regulations for five chemicals

NEA intends to add five substances under review in the Stockholm Convention and the Rotterdam Conventions into the Environmental Protection and Management Act

Draft POPs Chemical Substances (Products) Biocidal Products Industrial Chemicals Plastics

NOTE: On May 31, 2022, Singapore officially published the Environmental Protection and Management Act 1999 (Amendment of Second Schedule) Order 2022  to regulate the five substances. See more details below: …

Singapore publishes four regulations related to Resource Sustainability Act

Clarifying products that fall within scope of WEEE

Circular Economy Wastes (Products) Electrical and Electronic Equipments

The following four regulations related to the Resource Sustainability Act were published in Singapore on December 31, 2019. Resource Sustainability Act 2019 (Commencement) Notification 2019 Resource Sustainability (Composition of …

Singapore promulgates regulations to add controlled substances to the Environmental Protection and Management Act

Substances subject to the Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions

POPs Chemical Substances (Products) Industrial Chemicals

The following two regulations on chemical substances management were promulgated in Singapore on July 12, 2019. Environmental Protection and Management Act (Amendment of Second Schedule) Order 2019 (“the Order”) …