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Korea issues draft amendment to Eco-label Target Products and Certification Criteria

To add laptop computers, monitors, detergents, shampoo, conditioner, and clothing as the target of premium certification system

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On May 31, 2022, the Ministry of Environment of South Korea published a draft amendment to Eco-label Target Products and Certification Criteria. The Ministry of Environment explained that it has …

China releases association standards for smart toilets

Performance grades, technical requirements, test methods, and labeling and packaging requirements of smart toilets are defined

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On May 20, the Chaozhou Building Sanitary Ceramics Industry Association released association standards for smart toilets called “Smart Water Closets” (T/CBCSIA 1-2022), which will come into effect on Aug. 1. …

Vietnam’s new decree revises punishments rules in the fields of industry and trade

Including penalties for violating regulations on chemicals and energy conservation

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On January 31, 2022, the Government of Vietnam established the Decree No. 17/2022/17 Amending and Supplementing a Number of Decrees Stipulating Administrative Penalties in the Fields of Chemicals, Industrial Explosives, …

Malaysia announces 12th Malaysia Plan (2021-2025)

Incorporating EPR regulations on e-waste, etc.

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Malaysia’s Prime Minister Ismail Sabri on September 27, 2021, announced the latest national five-year plan, the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (hereinafter “the Plan”). The Plan focuses on three main themes: (1) …

China energy saving label

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Overview about energy conservation regulations in China In the 21st century, China’s economy is rapidly developing, while the ecological environment is gradually deteriorating. Problems have become more serious due to …