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Indonesia’s Government Regulation on Energy Efficiency fully revised for the first time in 14 years

Revision includes regulations on energy audits for factory and energy efficiency labeling

Energy Label / MEPS Product Designs Energy Efficiency Household Appliances

On June 16, 2023, the Government Regulation No. 33/2023 on Energy Conservation (“the Regulation” or “Regulation No. 33/2023”) was promulgated in Indonesia. Except for some provisions, the Regulation came into …

Thailand renews Air Quality Index


The Pollution Control Department, under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, published the “Notification of the Pollution Control Department, Re: Thailand Air Quality Index B.E.2566 (2023)” dated on 16 …

Thailand, Journey to Clean Air Act


Thailand is facing a significant air pollution problem, particularly in urban areas such as Bangkok. The primary sources of air pollution are vehicle emissions, construction activities, industrial processes, and burning …