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China mandates air pollutant emission control in four industries

The new standards introduce stricter regulations on VOCs.


On Oct. 22, 2022, China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment and State Administration for Market Regulation issued four national standards for air pollutant emission control: the Emission Standard of Air …

Taiwan revises Air Pollution Control Fee Collection Regulations

Exemptions from collection under conditions such as quarterly VOC emissions being 10 kg or less


On March 24, 2022, the Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan of Taiwan issued a notice on revision of certain articles of the “Air Pollution Control Fee Collection Regulations”. Article 16 …

China strengthens regulations on heavy metal pollution

Measures such as the designation of key regulated areas, substances and industries have been introduced

Water Air Soil

China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment on March 7 released its “opinions on strengthening regulations on heavy metal pollution”. The opinions require the designation of key regulated areas, substances and …

Thailand regulates VOCs emission from oil depot


Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment announced “Notification of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on the Emission Standard of Vapor From a Bulk Gasoline Terminal B.E.2564 (2021)” in …

Philippines, Air Management


Republic Act No. 8749, An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Air Pollution Control Policy and for other Purposes or more commonly referred to as the “Philippine Clean Air Act of …

Indonesia, Air Quality Control


The greatest concern for air quality control in Indonesia is the exhaust gas emissions from automobiles and motorcycles. In particular, urban areas including the capital Jakarta face increasingly serious air …

3-Year schedule for National Technical Standards (QCVN) development on environmental management in Vietnam

Including wastewater standards, exhaust gas standards, microplastics, POPs, etc.

Chemical Substances (Products) Wastes (Factory) Water Air Soil Noise Vibration Environmental Management

On November 25, 2020, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam enacted the “Decision No. 2664/QD-BTNMT on approval of the plan to develop National Technical Regulation (QCVN) on …

Taiwan, Air Pollution


Basic Law The basic law relating to air pollution control in Taiwan in general is the Air Pollution Control Act. This law is under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection …

Vietnam, Air pollution control


In Vietnam, where economic growth continues, air pollution caused by exhaust gas from automobiles, factories, construction projects has become a serious problem. Though the sources of the pollution differ depending …

China, Air Pollution Control Act


A trend report on air pollution.   Background The Air Pollution Control Act — one of the nine basic environmental protection laws and the overarching legislation for air pollution control …

Air pollution control in China


Air pollution control  (This page) Air Pollution Control Act   1. Current status of air pollution and countermeasures in China In recent years, in China, it is said that by …

Air Pollution Control in India


As a result of economic growth with increased traffic, industrialization and energy demand, India’s air pollution is getting worse by the day, especially in urban areas, where cars are a …

Air pollution control in Thailand


Various pollution sources including automobiles, vessels, factories, construction sites, limestone mining and rock quarrying, open burning in agricultural fields and etc. contribute increasing air pollution in Thailand. Different ministries tackle …

Bhutan releases Environmental Standards, 2020, establishing various standard values

11 criteria including industrial effluent discharge standards and vehicular emission standards being specified

Environmental Policies Others (Products) Water Air Noise Occupational Safety and Health Motorcycles

In June 2020, the National Environment Commission of Bhutan released the Environmental Standards, 2020. The standards establish standard values for the following 11 criteria. Ambient water quality criteria Industrial effluent …

Bill to fully amend Law on Environmental Protection of 2014 in Vietnam

Major changes expected in waste management

Environmental Basic Law Wastes (Products) Product Designs Container/Packaging Wastes (Factory) Water Air Soil Climate Change Others (Factory) Transport equipment and Mobile machinery Electrical and Electronic Equipments Chemical Products

On December 13, 2019, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam published a new bill to fully amend the Environmental Protection Law of 2014 and opened the call …