Enviliance ASIA information services is provided by EnviX, Ltd., Tokyo-based Japanese environmental consulting company.

Since our establishment in 1994, EnviX has been providing global regulatory information as well as research & consulting services to support environmental compliance and sustainability of global companies. Our clients are leading companies of various sectors including automobile and auto-parts, chemical, electrical and electronic equipments, consumer products and pollution control equipments , industrial organizations and government organizations.

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EnviX, Ltd. 
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Provision of global regulation information service over 25 years

Since 1994, EnviX has watched environmental regulation trends covering Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, as well as Asia, and is providing the latest information to Japanese global companies.

Our service is the most reliable global environmental regulation information service with database in Japan, and over 200 Japanese leading companies and organizations use our services. Total number of the Japanese companies that use our information, including their affiliated companies and member companies of industrial organizations amounts to over 1000 companies.


Research ability (more than 100 contracts a year)

We have been entrusted with various surveys by Japanese global companies, and we are covering all over the world for surveys. Not only surveys targeting China and Southeast Asian countries, but also Western countries. Latin America, Middle East, Oceania, etc. are also covered.

It can be said that the fields to be surveyed are all environmental fields, and not only product-related regulations such as WEEE/RoHS, REACH, and Eco-design, but also environmental regulations related to manufacturing plants such as air, water quality, soil, and labor safety, as well as CSR and circular economy. Indeed, we are constantly conducting research in a wide range of fields as described above.


EnviX’s unique overseas network: including environmental experts and government staff in individual countries

We have about 100 people in the world who can speak a language that is unique to the region, and they regularly report important environmental regulation related information. If necessary, they will access to and have a meeting with government agencies and companies, to make a survey report.

In addition to these networks, we receive reports on important matters from our high level partners such as government officials involved in environmental administration, particularly in Southeast Asian countries.


Expansion of JV overseas: Two JV companies have been established and expanded further, especially in Southeast Asia

EnviX not only has partners around the world that can handle various languages ​​as mentioned above, but is also promoting the establishment of JVs with overseas partners. The company has already established local JVs in Thailand and Vietnam in Southeast Asia, and also provides various environmental consulting services and environmental audit services there.

In this way, EnviX, a Tokyo-based company, since its establishment has collected and analyzed environmental regulation information from all over the world, and accumulated and organized that data to build a database with highly-added value that is unmatched by other companies; simultaneously, we have trained highly qualified environmental consultants.

Among overseas, in addition to Thailand and Vietnam with JV, we have further improved in the last few years a base that we can not only promptly obtain the information but also we can provide our clients with the highly precise and reliable information on China/Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, India, etc., which we have many highly specialized partners.

The English-language information service “Enviliance ASIA” newly provided by EnviX is exactly one of the condensed services that the company has built up to now, based on a network of overseas partners, JVs established overseas, and highly specialized staff inside and outside the company. With this new service, EnviX desires to provide the world’s leading companies with information on Asia’s environmental regulations as soon as possible and finally contribute to the conservation of the earth’s green and blue  environment.