China Tianjin, China announces the 2022 Pollution Prevention and Control Plan

Strengthening VOC regulations to promote green and low-carbon development

Tianjin, China announces the 2022 Pollution Prevention and Control Plan

On May 25, 2022, the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government released the 2022 Pollution Prevention and Control Plan. In the Plan, environmental targets for 2025 and 2035 are set out respectively. In addition, to achieve these targets, the plan also clarifies measures to control pollution in areas such as air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution, and measures to enhance green development. In the above-mentioned targets, the following specific objectives to be achieved by 2025 are also indicated:

  • Continual reduction in the emission intensity of carbon dioxide and major pollutants per unit of Gross Regional Product (GRP);
  • Continual reduction in total emissions of major pollutants;
  • Fundamentally improving the ecological environment by promoting a broad spread of environmentally friendly green production and lifestyles.


The targets for each area by 2025 are as shown in the table below.

Areas Targets
Air pollution prevention and control
  • The annual average concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) will be controlled to the level below 38 mg/m3;
  • The percentage of days with good air quality will reach 72.6%;
  • The number of days with severe air pollution will be reduced to almost zero;
  • In addition, the national VOC emission reduction target will be achieved.
Water pollution prevention and control
  • The proportion of surface water of Class III and above will reach 44.4%;
  • The surface water inferior to Class V will be completely eliminated;
  • The black and odorous water bodies in the whole region of Tianjin will be basically eliminated;
  • The water quality of 12 rivers flowing into the sea will be improved; as a result, the proportion of coastal water of Class I and Class II will reach 72%.
Soil pollution prevention and control
  • The safe utilization rate of polluted arable land will reach about 93%, and the safety utilization rate of key construction lands will reach 100%.
Waste pollution prevention and control
  • The governance capacity of solid wastes and new pollutants will be enhanced significantly, and the environmental governance system will be developed.


To achieve each of the above targets, the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government has put forward several measures. Among them, further promoting carbon peak-out is regarded as a priority. In the future, Tianjin will make a unified plan for economic development and environment protection, as well as pollutant emission reduction and carbon emission reduction. And it also plans to establish a carbon peak-out and carbon neutral “1+N” policy system (basic guidance document (1) + policy measures for each industry and sector (N)) by implementing special plans for carbon peak-out in industries and major sectors such as coal, steel, petrochemicals, chemicals, and building materials.


For the original text of the above Tianjin 2022 Pollution Prevention and Control Plan, please refer to the following URL (in Simplified Chinese).

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