China Beijing to revise the mandatory local standard “Emission standards of air pollutants for printing industry”

The emission limit for fugitive emission of VOC was added

Beijing to revise the mandatory local standard “Emission standards of air pollutants for printing industry”

On June 1, 2022, the Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau released the draft for comments on revision of the mandatory local standard, “Emission Standards of Air Pollutants for Printing Industry” and started soliciting comments. The deadline for submitting comments is July 1, 2022. The draft for comments is a revised version of the current “Emission Standard of Volatile Organic Compounds for Printing Industry” (DB11/1201-2015). All the articles in the standard are enforceable. The draft for comments consists of 10 chapters below:

  1. Application scope
  2. Cited standards
  3. Terms and definitions
  4. Requirements for VOC containing raw materials and auxiliary materials
  5. Requirements for organized emission control
  6. Requirements for fugitive emission control
  7. Monitoring requirements for the pollutants at the boundary of enterprises
  8. Requirements for ledger
  9. Requirements for monitoring
  10. Implementation and supervision.

The draft for comments applies to air pollutant emission control for printing industry enterprises or production facilities, as well as to environmental impact assessment for printing industry construction projects, design of environmental protection facilities, acceptance inspection for environmental protection upon completion of construction, issuance of pollutant emission permits, and air pollutant emission control after the start of operation.

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