Thailand Thailand revises Draft WEEE Act after public consultation

Thailand revises Draft WEEE Act after public consultation

The Pollution Control Department (PCD), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand released a revised draft of the Disposal and Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act of B.E. XXXX in November 2021 following the public consultation held in April. Several stakeholders including the Thai Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Industries Association (TETA) and a group of Information and Communications Technology companies of Singapore sent comments to PCD. The major updates from the previous draft in April include the following;

  • Dismantler and disposer are clarified respectively. In the previous draft, there was no clarification under the definition of WEEE management service enterprise, which was defined as a plant that obtains an operating license under the Factory Act or WEEE dismantling enterprise that obtains an operating license under the Public Health Act. With the flow of the end-of-life products taken into consideration, dismantlers and disposers are expected to play a different role under each responsibility.
  • Based on the Polluter Pays Principle, the article prescribing “no less than half of the total income shall be spent on operating costs of WEEE collection centers, WEEE transport, and WEEE management service enterprises” has been done away with. Some stakeholders proposed a fare cost model in that producers and importers shall finance the actual collection and recycling costs only.

Download original text of the revised draft of the WEEE Act at

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