The Ministry of Public Health has announced a list of 13 business activities that potentially could have a detrimental effect upon local communities in terms of health and for which specific license shall be obtained from local authority (see below).

  1. Pet animal related businesses
  2. Animal and animal product related businesses
  3. Food, beverage and drinking water related businesses
  4. Medicine, medical device, cosmetics and cleaning product related businesses
  5. Agriculture related businesses
  6. Metal or mineral related businesses
  7. Vehicle, machine and machinery related businesses
  8. Wood and paper related businesses
  9. Service providing businesses
  10. Weaving businesses
  11. Rock, soil, sand, cement or other similar items related businesses
  12. Petroleum, petrochemical, coal, coke coal and other chemical substance related businesses
  13. Other businesses

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Date Title
2020-09-18 Thailand amended rules for factory operation in industrial estates
to strengthern enforcement of environmental requirements

Index of Thailand EHS

Framework of EHS laws and regulations in Thailand.

Category Theme
Overall Overview, Environmental Standards
Thailand, Organizations with Governing Environmental Regulations
Chemical Chemical Management
Waste Waste Management
Energy Energy Conservation
Water Water Management
Air Air Pollution Control
Soil Soil and Groundwater Management
Other Pollution Noise, Vibration, Odor
OSH Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Management
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Health Impact Assessment (EHIA)
  • Environmental and Safety Assessment (ESA)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Environmental personnel
  • Reporting of pollutants released from a factory
  • License for Business Detrimental to Health, Thailand