• Ministry of Industry, MoI
    • Department of Industrial Works, DIW
    • Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, IEAT
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, MNRE
    • Pollution Control Department, PCD
    • Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning, ONEP
  • Ministry of Energy
    • Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, DEDE
  • Ministry of Public Health, MoPH
  • Ministry of Labour, MoL
    • Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, DLPW
  • Ministry of Science and Technology , MOST

Ministry of Industry, MoI

The Ministry of Industry is responsible for the promotion and supervision of industrial activities. The mission of the Ministry of Industry is: 1) to oversee policy and strategy for industrial development in Thailand along with global development and regulations, 2) to create opportunities and an environment for investment, 3) to support and promote industrial entrepreneurs for higher competitiveness in the global market, 4) to supervise the industrial activities for a well-balanced and sustainable development with consumers, communities and society taken into consideration, and 5) to implement and monitor policies and strategies for industrial development in the Kingdom. The ministry has sub-offices in the capital of each province for implementation of the Law in charge.

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Department of Industrial Works, DIW

The Department of Industrial Works is an agency under the Ministry of Industry. DIW is responsible for implementation and operation of the Factory Act, B.E. 2535 (1992) and Hazardous Substance Act, B.E. 2535 (1992) to supervise sustainable, environment-friendly, hygienic and safe industrial development. DIW is one of the key organizations to control industrial pollution in Thailand.

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Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, IEAT

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Industry, which is responsible for the development and establishment of industrial estates in the Kingdom. IEAT is authorized to permit the establishment and operation of factories within the Industrial Estates by virtue of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act, B.E.2522 (1979).

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Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, MNRE

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE)、formerly known as the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, was established in 2002 with its vision “to return the natural environment for the Thai people” and “to work towards the incorporation of natural resources and the environment in the Government’s national agenda as these provide the basis for social and economic development”. The MNRE vision supports proactive integration of the administrative management of natural resources, environmental protection, and biological diversity, based on the principles of public participation and good governance.
Under the Act Amending Ministry, Sub-Ministry, and Department B.E. 2545 (2002). MNRE is responsible for ensuring that its implementation mechanism is in place and that it is able to accomplish its administrative reform objectives. According to the law that prescribes the powers and duties of MNRE and other government agencies affiliated with it, the preservation, conservation, and rehabilitation of natural resources and the environment, management and sustainable use of resources, and the implementation of other government services are among the powers and duties given to MNRE.

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Pollution Control Department, PCD

The Pollution Control Department was established (PCD) on April 4, 1992 as a result of the promulgation of the Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act B.E. 1992 and, the repeal of the previous Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act.
The PCD is in charge of improving the environment, partnering in pollution management, and ensuring that people are satisfied. Its administration is equally important when it comes to being a high-capability company with competent governance. PCD monitors and develops environmental quality management plans and measures to control, prevent and mitigate pollution.

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Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning, ONEP

The Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) is an agency under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE). Its mission is to develop environmental and natural resources conservation policies and plans, support effective implementation, and monitor and assess the environmental impact mitigation measures in order to strengthen the economy in the country and, to support the sustainable development and good quality of lives.

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Ministry of Energy

The Ministry of Energy is responsible in overseeing Thailand’s energy sector, which includes providing energy operating licenses and enforcing energy pricing rules. Its additional responsibility is increasing the efficiency of domestic energy utilization and promoting renewable energy development. The greatest benefits come from seriously incorporating renewable energy and supporting the private sector’s competitiveness in operating the energy business within the country by controlling the quality and safety of people and consumers. The Bureau of Energy was founded on November 2, 2001, and was promoted to the Ministry of Energy in 2002 as part of the Restructuring of Government Organization Act 2002.

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Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, DEDE

The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) is an agency under the Ministry of Energy. Its mission is to become a leader in alternative energy development and energy efficiency in Asia by 2036. The duties prescribed under The Energy Conservation Promotion Act B.E.2535 are: to be responsible for regulation, supervision, promotion and assistance provision to the designated factories and buildings to comply with laws and regulations for efficient use of energy and savings.

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Ministry of Public Health, MoPH

The Ministry of Public Health is the Thai government’s body in charge of overseeing the country’s public health. Furthermore, the Ministry of Public Health has authorities and responsibilities in the areas of health promotion, illness prevention, control, and treatment, as well as other civil service responsibilities as defined by law.

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Ministry of Labour, MoL

In order to enable the workforce to reach their full potential, have a job, and earn a living, the Ministry of Labour is responsible for overseeing labour administration and protection, skill development, and employment promotion in Thailand, as well as other civil service responsibilities and duties as defined by law for the Ministry of Labour or government organizations linked with the Ministry of Labour.

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Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, DLPW

The Department of Labour Protection and Welfare (DLPW) monitors compliance with the law and provides support towards the improvement of working conditions and the working environment. The DLPW has several functions including to establish and develop labour standards; encourage and supervise workplace compliance with national laws and international labour standards; to ensure worker protections, rights and benefits in the formal and informal economy; to promote and develop a system on occupational safety, health and the working environment; to promote, develop and disseminate knowledge and understanding of labour standards, labour protection, occupational safety, labour relations, state enterprise labour relations and labour welfare; and to prevent and resolve labour disputes and industrial unrest.

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Ministry of Science and Technology , MOST

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is currently in charge of advancing science, technology, and innovation policy and strategic plans, as well as ensuring their effective and substantive implementation, both in terms of research and development and in terms of establishing cooperative mechanisms between all sectors of society in order to increase economic benefits and quality of life. The Ministry of Science and Technology, with the vision of “excelling as the steward or the main organization in the development of science, technology, and innovation,” seeks to develop and enrich Thai society’s intellect in a way that promotes economic and social development and long-term competitiveness. The Ministry of Science and Technology’s structure includes government agencies, autonomous agencies, state corporations, and public organizations, all of which can assist in this regard.

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Aiming for 10% home appliance recycling rate by 2026
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2021-08-13 Thailand announces the effluent standard for housing estates
2021-08-04 Thailand IEAT updates PSM regulations
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2021-05-07 Thailand releases latest Draft WEEE Act for public consultation
2021-05-06 Thailand drafted revised hazardous substance list for public consultation
to restrict PFOA under the framework of POPs convention
2021-04-16 Thailand makes the industrial standard on Paper for Food Contact mandatory
2021-04-01 Thailand MoPH revises a regulation to control infectious wastes
2021-03-30 Thailand updates the environmental standard for soil
For the first time in 17 yrs
2021-03-10 Thailand updates a list of target chemicals for half-yearly reporting
2021-02-18 Thailand announces a tax incentive for Voluntary Emission Reduction Program
2021-01-27 Thailand makes a survey of bioplastic food packaging and container
2021-01-22 Thailand publishes 4th draft of Chemical Law
2021-01-20 Thailand postpones the enforcement of QR Code requirement for TIS-certified products
2021-01-19 Thailand announces requirements for DG transport documents
To improve standards in line with ASEAN international framework
2020-12-24 Thailand prevents construction dust to tackle PM 2.5 crisis
2020-12-23 Thailand organized a seminar to update chemical management policy development
New inventory system, prioritization of chemicals and new List 5.6 notification system
2020-12-16 Thailand develops Factory Energy Code
FEC legislation will be enforced by 2030
2020-11-26 Thailand announces a new building energy code
2020-11-10 Thailand announced a tax incentive for biodegradable plastic products
2020-11-07 Thailand MoPH announced a regulation to control toxic and hazardous waste generated from households
2020-10-29 Thailand announced a specification of fire sprinkler for Type 3 LPG Usage Premises with gas cylinders
2020-10-28 Thailand: QR Code required for labels on TISI-certified products
2020-09-30 Thailand invents metal separation machine to tackle E-waste issue
2020-09-30 Thailand launched a research project for WEEE management
2020-09-27 Thailand released a Draft Climate Change Act for public consultation
2020-09-21 Thailand banned import of E-waste
2020-09-18 Thailand amended rules for factory operation in industrial estates
to strengthern enforcement of environmental requirements
2020-08-28 Thailand published Standard of CSR for industry
2020-07-21 Thailand announced 1st existing chemicals inventory
2020-07-21 Thailand drafted industrial standard to implement RoHS2
2020-06-29 Thai Ministry of Industry calls for a reminder email from industries who filed CBI application in 2017
2020-06-29 Thailand bans chlorpyrifos and paraquat
2020-06-29 Thailand bans use of contaminated E-waste as a raw material in the factory
2020-05-11 Thai Ministry of Industry exempts annual fee for factory license after COVID-19 pandemic
2020-05-11 Thai Ministry of Industry plans to extend a list of target chemicals for half-yearly reporting
2020-03-11 Thailand established standards to recycle industrial wastewater for agricultural field after severe drought in eastern region
2019-12-23 Thailand bans production, import, sale of cosmetics containing plastic microbeads
2019-11-11 Thailand set out odor standard for rubber industry
2019-11-11 Greenpeace released a report about plastic pollution in Thailand

Index of Thailand EHS

Framework of EHS laws and regulations in Thailand.

Category Theme
Overall Overview, Environmental Standards
Thailand, Organizations with Governing Environmental Regulations
Chemical Chemical Management
Waste Waste Management
Energy Energy Conservation
Water Water Management
Air Air Pollution Control
Soil Soil and Groundwater Management
Other Pollution Noise, Vibration, Odor
OSH Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Management
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Health Impact Assessment (EHIA)
  • Environmental and Safety Assessment (ESA)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Environmental personnel
  • Reporting of pollutants released from a factory
  • License for Business Detrimental to Health, Thailand