Thailand Thailand disseminates guideline for recycling of plastic scraps

Thailand disseminates guideline for recycling of plastic scraps

Pollution Control Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment announced “Notification of the Pollution Control Department on the Characteristics of Plastic Scraps Suitable for Recycling B.E.2565 (2022)” in the Royal Gazette on 22 November 2022. The notification was announced in order to promote the government's policy to drive the Circular Economy and to disseminate the characteristics of plastic scraps suitable for recycling among people, households, freight tricycles, antique shop and local government organizations.



Plastic Scrap” means unusable plastic products whether they have been used or not, such as plastic bottles, plastic glasses, plastic cups, plastic bags, plastic baskets, plastic straws, and plastic film.


Classification of plastics

Plastics are divided into 7 types for convenience and ease of sorting, collection and recycle as follows:

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