Thailand Thailand announces rules for DG transport by water

Thailand announces rules for DG transport by water

Ministry of Transport of Thailand announced “Ministerial Regulation on the Handling of Goods which may Cause Dangers B.E.2564 (2021)” in the Royal Gazette on 5 November 2021 by virtue of the Navigation in the Thai Waters Act, B.E. 2456 (1913). The ministerial regulation sets out standards and principles for the transport of dangerous goods by water in accordance with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code) as stipulated by the International Maritime Organization. The regulation will be effective 90 days after the announcement in the Royal Gazette.


Requirements on Container and Packing

The container used for dangerous goods shall be durable and its inner surface shall not cause a dangerous reaction by contact with the goods. The classification and standard of the container, use of United Nations Mark, and the procedure for packing and loading shall be in accordance with the rules prescribed by the Director-General. The container shall have appropriate marking and labeling which indicates the classification and dangerous property of the goods.


Requirements on Packing List

Information regarding the dangerous goods and packing certificates shall be prepared in accordance with the international standard and provided to the related parties involved in the transport. The Material Safety Data Sheet format prescribed by the Director-General shall be prepared and used. The transport vessels shall have the Manifest including the Proper Shipping Name as well as the Stowage Plan.


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