Thailand Thailand to require labeling of UV-C disinfecting devices

Thailand to require labeling of UV-C disinfecting devices

On March 31, 2022, the Thai Office of the Consumer Protection Board reported the draft notice of the Committee on Labels entitled: “Determination of Ultraviolet Radiation in the C Range of Wavelengths (Ultraviolet C or UV-C) Goods as a Label-Controlled Goods)” to the WTO/TBT. This is intended to protect consumer health from adverse eye and skin effects caused by direct exposure to UV-C and requires that UV-C products (UV-C disinfecting devices) be labeled as regulated products and include warning statements.

The draft notice can be viewed at the following URL.


The content of the draft notice is as follows.

UV-C Product Definition

In the draft notice, a UV-C product is a product, device or other item that emits ultraviolet light (UV-C) in the C wavelength region to suppress and eliminate viruses, mold, bacteria, dust mites, and other bacteria. Other items with similar characteristics that do not fall within the scope of medical devices are also included in the definition of UV-C products.

Label Requirements

The labeling of a regulated UV-C product should include, for example, the following information. However, this requirement does not apply to goods manufactured for export and not sold in Thailand.

  • Description of use and storage, including at least the following details:

(a) Assembly and installation procedures (if any)

(b) Effective irradiance at a distance of 200 mm

(c) Wavelength

(d) Most effective usage distance and time per hour

  • Warnings, contraindications and precautions to ensure safety. “UV-C is harmful when exposed to, or incident on, the eyes or skin. It may cause eye conditions that cause cataracts, eye inflammation, juvenile macular degeneration, or blindness, or may cause skin cancer.” (*) Display in a font size larger than the other text and in a color that contrasts with the background color.

(*) EnviX Note: The WTO/TBT notification published this time is written in English, but it is likely that it will need to be written in Thai after it is officially announced.

  • Notification from the Office of the Consumer Protection Board of the results of any tests or certifications of products or devices including UV-C (image of the certificate or electronic data (QR code))


This notice shall come into effect 120 days after its promulgation.


The original text of the WTO/TBT notice can be viewed at the following URL.

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