Thailand Thailand designates household water filters as a label-controlled product

Thailand designates household water filters as a label-controlled product

The Label Committee of Thailand, the organization responsible for consumer protection, published the “Notification on designation of water filters as a label-controlled product” in the Government Gazette on 28 May 2024, The Notification provides the definition of “Water filter” which refers to a product for installation with a water supply pipe to filter clean water, remove contaminants or undesirable substances for drinking or using, such as turbidity, color, odor, hardness of water, certain bacteria that may contaminate the water supply system, water tank or water supply pipe system, by using a filter cartridge or filtering agent. The Notification shall come into force after 120 days from the date of its publication in the Government Gazette, namely 25 September 2024.

Recently, water filters are essential products for filtering water for consumption in households. However, consumers have not received sufficient necessary information about the products. Thus, in order to purchase and use products correctly and completely, it is appropriate to designate water filters as a label-controlled product to protect the consumers rights. The label should provide information ensuring the consumers on product quality and safety where it can be clearly seen, read, and easy to understand.

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