Thailand Thailand announced a specification of fire sprinkler for Type 3 LPG Usage Premises with gas cylinders

The Department of Energy Business, the Ministry of Energy of Thailand, announced  “Notification of Department of Energy Business: Fire protection and extinguishing system with fire sprinkler for the gas cylinders storage area at Type 3 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Usage Storage Premises B.E. 2563 (2020)” in the Royal Gazette on 19 October 2020. The notification sets out a specification of the fire sprinkler system required for facilities using LPG of 1000 L or more from gas cylinders.

In case the facility use LPG of 1000 L or more by gas cylinders, the facility shall have a sprinkler system as follows;

  • The system can discharge water for at least 15 minutes with designed pressure. Two or more sprinkler heads shall be installed within a distance of less than 3.7 m.
  • Enough amount of available water shall be prepared to support (1).
  • The capacity of the water pump shall be 82 L/min or more for 1 sprinkler head.
  • Piping shall be made of steel or copper and stably fixed.
  • The number of sprinkler heads, pipe diameter, pump capacity and amount of water shall be prepared as following table/
Sprinkler Heads Main Pipe Diameter
Branched Pipe Diameter
Pump Capacity
(L / min)
Amount of Water




50 (2)

50 (2)

50 (2)

65 (2 1/2)

25 (1)

32 (1 1/4)

32 (1 1/4)

40 (1 1/2)










In addition, the system shall have an annual inspection.


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