Index of Japan EHS

Framework of EHS laws and regulations in Japan.

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Waste Waste management

Related Reports

Date Title
2022-04-29 Japan, 12th Joint meeting on Fluorocarbon Countermeasures by Industrial Structure Council and Central Environment Council
2021-11-05 METI releases the Cabinet decision on the 6th Strategic Energy Plan
2021-10-26 Japan cabinet approves partial revision of PRTR Act
2021-10-26 Japan, MOE publishes notice on revision of environmental standards for water pollution
Revision on the standard value for hexavalent chromium and the environmental standards for coliform bacteria
2021-09-29 Japan, MOE revises provisional effluent standard of nitrogen
Partially Revising the Ministerial Ordinance for Establishing Effluent Standard
2021-09-29 Japan, MOE revises provisional effluent standard of zinc
Partially Revising the Ministerial Ordinance for Establishing Effluent Standard, etc.
2021-09-20 METI of Japan releases interim report on economic approaches to achieve carbon neutrality
2021-08-27 METI of Japan Compiles Measures for Homes and Buildings to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050
Publication of “energy conservation measures in homes and buildings for a decarbonized society”
2021-08-24 MOEJ unveils outline of draft implementing rules for Act on Plastic Resource Circulation
2021-08-14 METI releases the Cabinet decision on the 6th Strategic Energy Plan (Draft)
Four years after the previous plan was formulated, it is now being revised
2021-07-20 Japan, MOE solicits public comments on the revision of PFOS-related provisions of the Chemical Substances Control Act
Newly add PFOA used in specific products to be regulated
2021-07-06 Japan, METI releases interim report on regulations for fuel cell vehicles
Aiming to create a safe platform for a new hydrogen society and to resolve issues that have emerged as the introduction of fuel cell vehicles has expanded
2021-06-28 Japan, MHLW Changes Measures to be taken when importing products that may contain asbestos
Requires written certification at the time of import that asbestos does not exceed 0.1 percent of the weight of the product
2021-06-24 MOE of Japan formulates decarbonization infrastructure initiative
2021-06-16 MOE of Japan releases Annual Report on the Environment, the Sound Material-Cycle Society and Biodiversity for 2021
2021-06-16 Japan sets goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050
A partial amendment to the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures passed and promulgated
2021-06-09 Japan to strengthen plastic recycling to realize circular economy
Both houses passed the Act on Promotion of Resource Circulation for Plastics
2021-06-02 Japan cabinet approves Bill for plastic resource management
2021-04-28 PFOA and its Salts Classified as “Class I Specified Chemical Substance” in Japan
2021-04-28 Expansion of Labeling and SDS Issuance Obligations in Japan
Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare announced estimated schedule for Expansion of substances subject to labeling and SDS issuance that will require mandatory measures
2021-04-28 MOE of Japan Starts Study on Water Quality Control of PFHxS
The draft policy for the water quality control of PFHxS is presented against the background of the latest developments in the POPs Convention
2021-04-23 Technical Standards for Biomass Power Generation Facilities
Newly established technical standards for biomass power generation facilities by the revision of the Ministerial Ordinance
2021-04-12 Interim Report on Management of Chemical Substances in Workplace
2021-04-12 Attempts to Introduce Bioplastics in Japan
MOE of Japan started further promotion of environmentally friendly design with bioplastics
2020-12-25 METI publishes Green Growth Strategy towards 2050 Carbon Neutrality
Around 50-60% of electricity will be generated from the renewable energy by 2050
2020-12-04 MOE of Japan Starts to Solicit Public Comments on Draft Cabinet Order to Amend Current PRTR System
Additions to and removals from Class I Designated Chemical Substances and Class II Designated Chemical Substances
2020-07-28 Growing Awareness of Plastic Waste Problem and Construction of Circular Economy in Japan
Domestic Trends in Bioplastics, as one of Key Solutions
2020-06-24 Amendment to Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Designation Order in Japan
New substances were added to each category, 2 to the “Poisonous Substances” category and 14 to the “Deleterious Substances” category