Japan Attempts to Introduce Bioplastics in Japan

MOE of Japan started further promotion of environmentally friendly design with bioplastics

Attempts to Introduce Bioplastics in Japan

On January 28, 2021, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) of Japan held the 8th joint meeting about plastic resource recycling. As a result of this joint meeting, a report titled “The Future of Plastic Resource Recycling Policy” was compiled. The backgrounds of this report are the “Plastics Resource Recycling Strategy” formulated on May 31, 2018, and the “Roadmap for the Introduction of Bioplastics” published on January 26, 2021.


A list of issues related to businesses

The following are some of the key requirements that businesses may need to consider.
1. Thorough reduction
2. Effective, efficient, and sustainable recycling
3. Promoting the use of alternative materials such as recycled materials and bioplastics


“Collection of Targets for the Introduction of Bioplastics”

The “Collection of Targets for the Introduction of Bioplastics,” which was released together with the publication of the “Roadmap for the Introduction of Bioplastics”, lists the target level, target timing, target materials, and reference URLs for companies’ efforts. Also, “Case Studies on the Introduction of Bioplastics” is published, which describes the background of the introduction of bioplastics, items to be considered, and results. The roadmap expects “bioplastic producers” to take the following actions.

  • Research, development, and commercialization of bioplastics concerning their physical properties, biodegradability according to their applications, and reduction of environmental impact
  • Research and development and commercialization
  • Investment in manufacturing facilities in Japan to increase the supply of bioplastics.
  • Propose applications to users that are in harmony with post-use flows, such as recycling.
  • Confirmation of environmental impact and sustainability in terms of environmental and social aspects from raw material production to resin manufacturing
  • Establishment and implementation of targets for bioplastic production, etc.

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