Thailand Thailand banned import of E-waste

On 14 September 2020, the Ministry of Commerce, Thailand announced “Notification of Ministry of Commerce: Designation of electric and electronic wastes as goods prohibited from import to the Kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2563 (2020)” in the Royal Gazette. The notification bans import of e-waste categorized with tariff statistical code of 899 under HS chapter 84 and 85.


Discussion towards better plastic waste and e-waste management

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment recently organized the second meeting in 2020 for subcommittee of plastic and electronic waste management. The subcommittee, which was established due to the commandment of National Environment Board, is responsible and empowered to propose measures, approaches and assess the ongoing process of related agencies to tackle with the plastic and electronic waste management both generated in Thailand and from importation. The topics discussed in the meeting includes;

1) measures to solve electronic waste issue generated in Thailand and from importation

2) measures to control importation of plastic scrap

3) action plan to educate and create awareness concerning plastic waste management (draft)

4) action plan to educate and create awareness concerning electronic waste management (draft).


According to Mr. Varawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, the meeting has set a goal to no longer import plastic and electronic waste into the country because there is increment of plastic waste importation. In 2561 (2018), plastic waste importation was 552,912 tonnes, and the following year (2019) happened to be 323,167 tonnes. Both are higher than the year 2017 which was only 152,738 tonnes, and in this same year there were also exportation of plastic. Hence, there must be reduction of these plastic wastes in order to cope with the environmental problems in Thailand. With regards to electronic waste importation, there was higher amount of importation in 2560 (2017) which equals to 54,260 tonnes and in the following year (2018) was 38,404 tonnes. Both years are higher than the year 2559 (2016) which was only 1,986 tonnes. Therefore, there must be plan to systematically improve imported electronic and plastic waste management.

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