Thailand Thailand updates mandatory standard for synthetic dyestuffs

Thailand updates mandatory standard for synthetic dyestuffs

Ministry of Industry published “Ministerial Regulation regarding designation of Synthetic Dyestuffs as industrial products which shall conform to industrial standard” in the Royal Gazette on 19 August 2022. Although there are existing mandatory standards at this moment, the regulation requires synthetic dyestuffs to conform with the recently updated Thai industrial standard (2020). The regulation will be effective 365 days after the announcement in the Royal Gazette.

No. Standard Effective date
1. TIS 739-2563 (2020) Synthetic Dyestuffs : Direct Dye 2023.08.19
2. TIS 740-2563 (2020) Synthetic Dyestuffs : Reactive Dye 2023.08.19
3. TIS 760-2563 (2020) Synthetic Dyestuffs : Vat Dye 2023.08.19
4. TIS 2344-2563 (2020) Synthetic Dyestuffs : Sulphur Dye 2023.08.19
5. TIS 2532-2563 (2020) Synthetic Dyestuffs : Acid Dye 2023.08.19

Although the standard restricts concentration of hazardous substances in products, there are no updates on this aspect.


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