Thailand Thailand restructures List 5.6 Hazardous Substance notification scheme

Thailand restructures List 5.6 Hazardous Substance notification scheme

Thailand Ministry of Industry published “Notification of Ministry of Industry regarding Declaration of the production or import of hazardous substances of list 5.6 under the responsibility of Department of Industrial Works B.E. 2565 (2022)” in the Royal Gazette on 27 June 2022. The notification restructures List 5.6 substance declaration scheme which has been implemented since 2015 to develop national chemical inventory. The notification will be in effective after 90 days from the announcement in the Royal Gazette and previous notification in 2015 would be repealed.

What’s new

As a basic requirement, a manufacturers of substances or an importer of substances or mixtures which have the total amount of the single substance in all products > 1,000 kg/year (from Jan to Dec) shall provide the information in compliance with the Vor Or / Or Kor. 32 form by 30 June of the next year.

One of the major updates is to switch the declaration from product-based to substance based. Department of Industrial Works expects the update will be beneficial for foreign manufacturers who has confidential business information (CBI). The notification also clarifies the responsibility of manufactures and importers. In case of mixtures, an importer shall make the declaration though both a manufacturer and an importer can declare for substances.


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