Thailand Thailand updates Standards for Safety Management System

Thailand updates Standards for Safety Management System

Thailand Ministry of Labor published “Ministerial Regulation on Determination of Safety Management System Standards B.E. 2565 (2022)” in the Royal Gazette on 11 April 2022. The regulation, which repeals the Ministerial Regulation on Standards for Safety, Occupational Health, and Environment at Work Management (No. 2), B.E. 2553 (2010), sets out standards for safety management systems required for business establishments with fifty or more employees as defined in the Appendix of the regulation.

Target business establishments

The following industries are listed in the Appendix of the Ministerial Regulation.

No. Business Establishments
1. Industry on Mining under Mining Act
2 Industry on Petroleum Business under Petroleum Act
3 Industry on Petrochemicals
4 Industry on Petroleum and Oil Distillation
5 Industry on Natural Gas Separation
6 Printing Industry
7 Food Product Industry
8 Beverage Industry
9 Industry on Tobacco Products
10 Garment Industry
11 Apparel Industry
12 Leather Industry
13 Wood Product Industry
14 Paper or Paper Processed Product Industry
15 Chemical Production or Chemical Product Industry
16 Pharmaceutical Products or Medical Supplies Industry
17 Rubber Product Industry
18 Plastic Product Industry
19 Industry on Products Made of Non-Metallic Minerals
20 Mental or Mental Product Industry
21 Electronic Device Industry
22 Electric Appliance or Device Industry
23 Machinery or Mechanical Industry
24 Vehicle, Vehicle Parts, or Vehicle Accessories Industry
25 Furniture Industry
26 Jewelry Industry
27 Music Instrument Industry
28 Sports and Fitness Equipment Industry
29 Toy Industry
30 Medical Supplies Industry
31 Industry on electric power generation, Transmission, or Electricity Supply
32 Industry on Gas Production or Filling
33 Coke Production Industry
34 Steam Production, Storage or Distribution Industry
35 Livestock or Cultivation Industry
36 Gas Stations under Fuel Trading Act
37 Fuel Depots under Fuel Control Act
38 Wastewater Treatment or Waste Disposal Services under Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act
39 Recycle Industry
40 Ore Dressing, Subsistence Mining or Mineral Sieving Industry under Minerals Act
41 Construction, Modification, Repairing or Demolishment under Building Control Act
42 Transportation Industry
43 Air Navigation Services under Air Navigation Act
44 Warehouse Business, Silo Business or Cold Storage under Warehouse, Silo, and Cold Storage Act
45 Telecommunication Business under Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission
46 Machines Installation, Repairing, or Maintenance
47 Hotels under Hotel Act
48 Condominium Juristic Person Business under Condominium Act
49 Department Stores, Retailing Business or Wholesaling Business
50 Trade and Exhibition Centers
51 Hospitals
52 Test and Analysis on Physical, Biochemical or Engineering Operations
53 Automobile Selling and Maintenance or Repairing
54 Zoos or Amusement Parks


The Safety Management System shall at least consist of the followings:

    1. Policy on safety, occupational health, and environment at work;
    2. Organizational management on safety, occupational health, and environment at work;
    3. Action plan on safety, occupational health, and environment at work and compliance;
    4. Evaluation of outcome and review of the safety management system; and
    5. Improvement and development of safety management system.

To ensure the effectiveness of a business establishment’s safety management system, the employer shall:

    • Control and supervise operations under a safety management system;
    • Provide opportunities to all employees to participate in operations under a safety management system;
    • Allow employees to access data related to the safety management system while taking personal data protection into account; and
    • Provide channels for employees to voice their opinions, suggestions, and complaints about safety, occupational health, and the environment at work in order to consider, improve, and correct the safety management system.

In the event that an employer provides a safety management system under International Standardization for Organization (ISO), International Labor Organization (ILO), British Standards Institution (BSI), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Australia Standards/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), or other equal standards as defined by the Director-General, it shall be deemed that safety management standard is provided as defined herein.


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