Thailand Thailand amends requirements on heat, noise and lighting measurement

Thailand amends requirements on heat, noise and lighting measurement

Thailand announced “Notification of Department of Labor Protection and Welfare prescribing Measurement, Analysis Method and Regulated Business Type related to Heat, Lighting and Noise in Workplace (No.2)” in the Royal Gazette on 11 January 2021. The notification, which amends the original notification established in 2018, revises requirements regarding specification and calibration of the analysis equipment and qualification of person responsible for analysis. In accordance with the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act B.E. 2554 (2011), employers shall measure level of heat (in case of heating or hot process), noise (in case of noise emitting process) and lighting in working environment at least once a year and report the test result within 30 working days.

Amendments :

Two major amendments are as follows.

  • Specification requirements on measuring/analysis equipment has been revised. Calibration shall be made in accordance with the instruction of the manufacturer every time before use. Service provider shall make an annual standardized calibration though the standardized calibration can be made every two years for private entities who own their measuring equipment.
  • Qualification on person who measure and analyze heat, noise or lighting has been updated. In addition to the expertise, those persons shall have their own equipment and be able to provide serial number of the equipment.


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Original notification in 2018 is available at



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