Thailand Thailand mandates industrial standard for baby products

The Ministry of Industry of Thailand published the following two regulations in the Royal Gazette on 16 June 2021.

These regulations mandate target baby products to conform with the Thai Industrial Standard for Nipples For Feeding Bottles (TIS 969-2562 (2019)) and Thai Industrial Standard for Pacifier (TIS 1025-2562 (2019)) respectively.


Restriction on the migration of chemicals in TIS 1025-2562 (2019)

Dummy product shall comply with the chemical migration standard in the following table:

No. Parameter Migration limit(mg/kg
1 Antimony (Sb) 60
2 Arsenic (As) 2.5
3 Barium (Ba) 200
4 Cadmium (Cd) 1.8
5 Chromium (Cr) 50
6 Lead (Pb) 2.5
7 Mercury (Hg) 10
8 Selenium (Se) 50
9 Aluminum (Al) 1430
10 Boron (B) 1600
11 Cobalt (Co) 14
12 Copper (Cu) 830
13 Manganese (Mn) 300
14 Nickel (Ni) 100
15 Strontium (Sr) 6000
16 Tin (Sn) 20000
17 Zinc (Zn) 5000


These regulations will be effective 180 days after the announcement in the Royal Gazette. The original text of the standard is available for purchase at Thai Industrial Standard Institute.


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