Thailand Thailand MoPH revises a regulation to control infectious wastes

Thailand MoPH revises a regulation to control infectious wastes

The Ministry of Public Health of Thailand announced “Ministerial Regulation on Infectious Waste Disposal (No.2) B.E.2564 (2021)” in the Royal Gazette on 1 March 2021 by virtue of Public Health Act B.E. 2535 (1992). The regulation amends the original regulation established in 2002 to expands the power of the Minister and related Department for better infectious waste management in the Kingdom. As a new requirement, the waste generator shall make a record of the amount of infectious wastes in accordance with the format prescribed in the notification of the Department.

In 2002, the Ministry of Public Health established “Ministerial Regulation on Infectious Waste Disposal B.E.2545 (2002)” to define and clarify the responsibility of large and medium scale municipalities for infectious waste management. The regulation consists of 5 chapters and transitional provisions as follows:

  • Chapter 1 General Provisions;
  • Chapter 2 Infection Waste Collection;
  • Chapter 3 Infection Waste Transportation;
  • Chapter 4 Disposal of Infectious Waste;
  • Chapter 5 Service fees for Transportation and Disposal of Infection Waste; and
  • Transitional Provisions.

Public Health Centers, hospitals, animal hospitals, laboratories, and operators of public health service facilities shall store and manage infectious wastes in an appropriate manner. The responsible person of collection and transport service shall have a bachelor’s degree of science which specified in one of public health, sanitation, biology or medical science. A disposal service provider shall have a responsible person with bachelor’s degree of engineering which specified in one of sanitary, environmental, or mechanical engineering in addition to the scientist as required for collection and transport service provider.

Download the original text of the Ministerial Regulation on Infectious Waste Disposal (No.2) B.E.2564 (2021) at

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