Thailand Thailand prevents construction dust to tackle PM 2.5 crisis

Thailand prevents construction dust to tackle PM 2.5 crisis

Ministry of Interior of Thailand announced “Ministerial Regulation No. 67 B.E. 2563 (2020) under Building Control Act B.E. 2522 (1979)” in the Royal Gazette on 18 November 2020. The regulation mandates dust control measures for construction sites of building with a height of more than 10 m to prevent air pollution in the urban area.

In accordance with the regulation, an operator of the construction site needs to have the following dust control measures while constructing over 10 meters building that has a distance in between the building and public area of less than half of the overall height of that building or a building of a land allocation project according to the land allocation regulations.

  • Encircle the building with materials or equipment that can prevent the emission of construction dust
  • Storage area of construction materials shall be covered with materials or equipment or water-sprayed to prevent the emission of construction dust
  • Transport of materials by belt conveyors shall be fully covered
  • Concrete mixing, wood processing, or any other activities that cause dust shall be carried out in a closed condition or covered with cloth, or take other measures to prevent the emission of construction dust
  • Leftover materials shall be managed properly to prevent the emission of construction dust
  • Spray all types of car wheels with water before moving out from the construction site to prevent the spread of dust and take measures not to release used water out of the construction site

Since November 2020, air pollutant PM2.5 has risen to an unhealthy level in Bangkok and the surrounding areas. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has ordered government agencies to take action to tackle the issue.


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