Thailand Thailand established standards to recycle industrial wastewater for agricultural field after severe drought in eastern region

Thailand Ministry of Industry established Notification of Ministry of Industry regarding criteria, standards and methods for evaluation and approval of temporary use of industrial wastewater in agricultural field dated on 2 March 2020. The notification was established due to the severe drought and water shortage in agricultural sector, especially in the eastern part of the country. The notification, which will be provisionally enforced until 30 June 30 2020, sets out the standards, methods and conditions for the examination and approval of industrial wastewater recycle for agricultural purpose.



Factories that is qualified to apply for approval are Type 3 factories with following industrial category codes under Factory Act;

  • 4 factory for businesses related to animals except aquatic animals
  • 5 factory for business related to milk
  • 6 factory for business related to aquatic animals
  • 7 factory for business related to vegetable oil or animal oil or animal fat
  • 8 factory for business related to vegetables, plants or fruits
  • 9 factory business related to plant seeds or bulbs
  • 10 factory for businesses related to food products made from powders
  • 11 factory for sugar business made from sugar cane, beet, stevia or other plants that produce sweetness
  • 12 Tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate or dessert factory
  • 13 factory of business related to seasonings or seasonings
  • 15 factory for business related to cattle feed
  • 19 factory for malt or beer business
  • 20 factory for business related to drinking water, non-alcoholic drinks, carbonated water or mineral water and
  • 101 Wastewater treatment plant that receive wastewater only from above-mentioned factories of (1) to (13).


How to apply:

Those who wish to apply shall submit the application form attached to the notification with the following documents to the provincial office of industry where the factory is located;

  • Contract or agreement between the factory licensee and the farmer
  • Map of the agricultural fields
  • Documents showing the land use right of the agricultural area
  • Documents about the drainage system which can prevent leakage to the outside.
  • Test results of wastewater quality analysis and
  • Factory operation license.

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