Thailand Thailand invents metal separation machine to tackle E-waste issue

On 9 September, the Department of Primary Industries and Mines (DPIM), Ministry of Industry announced the invention of the first modern recycling technology to tackle E-waste issue in Thailand. Recycling Technology Research and Development Center of DPIM, under department of recycling technology and raw material innovation, Industry Transformation Center (ITC) of MoI, has developed electronic waste recycling technology and applied ore dressing technology with design and development of a physical and mechanical particle separation machine. This machine can grind and separate different parts of electronic circuit wastes before entering into the recycling process later on. It is also considered as the first modern prototyping machine in Thailand which can efficiently and environmentally-friendly differentiate parts of electronic circuit waste into non-magnetic metal group (i.e. copper, tin, gold, silver and aluminium), magnetic metal group (i.e. iron and nickel), and non-metal group (i.e. epoxy resin and fiberglass). From this successful invention, Recycling Technology Research and Development Center of DPIM can support the MoI policy and other related agencies to be the national “Electronic Recycling Technology Learning Center.”

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