Vietnam Vietnam announces specific schedule for strengthening waste plastic management

On October 28, 2020, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam issued the “Decision 2395/QD-BTNMT of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (hereinafter referred to as this decision) to implement the ‘Prime Minister Directive 33/CT-TTg on strengthening management, reuse, recycling, treatment, and reduction of plastic waste’ and the ‘Prime Minister Decision 1746/QD-TTg of on introducing national action plan for management of marine plastic waste’”. The purpose of this decision is to embody and effectively implement the goals set by 2020 Directive 33/CT-TTg and Decision 1746/QD-TTg and the measures to achieve the goals.


The implementation detail and allotment of developing regulations and policies regarding plastic waste are as follows.

Implementing agency Detail Implementation period
Vietnam Environment Administration
  • Develop the provisions regarding solid waste management in the Law on Environmental Protection and related laws and regulations.
  • Review and propose toward the completion of regulations on plastic waste management.
  • Propose regulations on the re-export and return of waste plastic that do not meet environmental protection requirements.
  • Continue reviewing and proposing regulations on ecolabels, especially eco-friendly plastic bags and plastic products with high content of recycled material.
  • Review or newly establish technical standards for products containing microplastics to prevent adverse effects of products and plastic bags derived from recycled plastic on the environment and human health.
  • Propose regulations and roadmaps banning microplastics in the manufacture of cosmetics, clothing and fertilizers.
  • Research and propose regulations that limit the manufacture and consumption of some disposable plastic products and roadmaps for prohibition of manufacture and consumption.
  • Research and enact policies and regulations that recommend the segregation of waste plastics at their sources for easy collection and recycling.
Department of Legislation
  • Develop detailed regulations based on extended producer responsibility (EPR) for corresponding to the Law on Environmental Protection of 2020, that replaces the “Prime Minister Decision 16/2015/QD-TTg of on recall and treatment of discarded products”.
  • Develop models including circular economic model, cooperation model between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, and sharing economy model, and promote participation of various associations, organizations, companies, etc. toward the reduction, reuse, recycling, and treatment of waste plastics.
Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment
  • Research and evaluate the current status and generation tendency of waste plastics in various activities of daily life, manufacturing, management and services, and propose management systems and policies suitable for conditions of Vietnam.


The original text of this decision can be downloaded from the URL below:

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