India India puts off implementation date for QCOs on Acetic Acid, Aniline, Methanol and Morpholine

August 1st for Morpholine and August 3 for the others

On January 31, 2022, India’s Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers published amendment for quality control orders on Acetic Acid, Aniline, Methanol and Morpholine to postpone the implementation date for them. With this amendment, the Quality Control Order for acetic acid, aniline, and methanol will take effect on August 3, 2022, and morpholine on August 1.

For acetic acid, aniline and methanol, the enforcement date was postponed to February 3, 2022 by an order on April 23, 2021, but this amendment further put it off to August 3, 2022. Also, with respect to morpholine, the implementation date had been postponed to February 1, 2022 by an order on May 25, 2021, but was further postponed until August 1 of the same year.


Goods or articles Indian Standard Title of Indian Standard
Acetic Acid IS 695 : 1986 Specification for Acetic Acid
Aniline IS 2833:1973 Specification for Aniline, Technical
Methanol IS 517:1986 Specification for Methanol (Methyl Alcohol)
Morpholine IS 12084:2018 Morpholine – Specification
  • The Indian Standards that must be observed shall be the latest edition in force at all times.


The amendment can be downloaded from the following URL (in Hindi and English).

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