India has the Factories Act, 1948, which was enacted to control occupational health and safety in factories and regulates worker safety, health and welfare. However, it does not include provisions relating to the working environment in factories, such as noise, vibration and odour. There is also no comprehensive act that aims to reduce pollution to the surrounding environment (water, air and noise are regulated separately).

As of September, 2020, the applicable laws and regulations in India with respect to noise, vibration and odour of factory origin are as follows.

Environmental Aspects Applicable legislations (national level only)
Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000

※Guidelines on Odour Pollution & its Control

In India, as shown in the above table, regulations have been promulgated and limits have been set for noise, but there are currently no laws and regulations that apply to vibration and odour. The CPCB has issued the guideline for odour, but this is voluntary.