India India issues notice on installation of water meter for ground water extraction from multiple wells

On August 18, 2021, the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) issued a public notice regarding installation of digital water flow meters to measure groundwater withdrawal from multiple bore/tube wells. This notice informs all groundwater users that tamper-proof digital water flow meters with telemetry can be installed at a common outlet point when groundwater is withdrawn from multiple bore/tube wells in the same site.

The public notice, “Installation of digital water flow meters for measurement of ground water extraction from multiple bore/tube wells”, can be downloaded from the following URL.


The CGWA has issued other public notices and guidelines on groundwater withdrawal and the notice dated on January 8 mentions the followings.

  • All the project proponents/users drawing ground water and seeking/having NOC have to mandatorily install tamper-proof digital water flow meters with telemetry on all the ground water abstraction structures within their premises.
  • All the micro and small enterprises drawing less than 10 cum/day are also mandatorily required to install digital water flow meters on all the ground water abstraction structures within their premises. Such enterprises shall be subjected to randomized inspections.

This notice can be found at the following URL.


In addition, CGWA has issued guidelines for regulatory control of groundwater abstraction and groundwater users have to comply with the guidelines. Section 9(i) of the guidelines states that “Installation of digital water flow meter (conforming to BIS/ IS standards) having telemetry system in the abstraction structure(s) shall be mandatory for all users seeking No Objection Certificate and intimation regarding their installation shall be communicated to the CGWA within 30 days of the grant of No Objection Certificate through the web-portal.”

The CGWA website states that “All the applicants are hereby informed that w.e.f 9.07.2021, all the applications for NOC should be complete in all respects including Impact assessment report/Comprehensive hydrogeological report/water audit report for renewal cases and other mandatory documents as per the notified CGWA guidelines”. Any incomplete application will be rejected immediately without prior notice.


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