China China announces measures to promote consumption of environmentally friendly household appliances

China announces measures to promote consumption of environmentally friendly household appliances

On July 28, 2022, China’s 13 central government agencies, including the Ministry of Commerce, announced a “Notice on Several Measures to Promote the Consumption of Green Smart Home Appliances,” which promotes the replacement of home appliances while also strengthening the recycling system for waste home appliances. Its main contents are as follows:

  1. Conduct consumer electronics trade-in campaigns nationwide. Smart refrigerators, smart washing machines, smart air conditioners, ultra-high-definition TVs, smartphones, smart kitchens, smart bathrooms, smart offices, smart healthcare, and other green smart appliances must all be promoted through trade-in campaigns. Retailers are encouraged to visit customers and remove and take home old appliances free of charge.
  2. Promote the spread of green smart household appliances in rural areas.
  3. Encourage the handover of dwellings with basic interiors and the leasing of appliances.
  4. Carry out consumption promotion activities such as consumer electronics consumption seasons and consumer electronics internet purchase fairs, etc.
  5. Improve the supply of green smart appliances. Establish standards for green smart appliances and implement quality certification. Facilitate the entry of international high-quality consumer electronics into the Chinese market through, for example, the China International Import Expo.
  6. Upgrade the after-sales service of consumer electronics
  7. Enhance the recycling and use of waste household appliances. Promote the implementation of recycling targets for home appliance manufacturers and build recycling systems for waste appliances independently or jointly with other companies. In each region, accelerate the construction of recycling systems for waste materials, strengthen institutional support, and support the construction of household appliance recycling bases and green sorting centers.
  8. Enhance support for infrastructure. Fully implement the construction of a gigabit optical fiber networks, promote the use of 5G communications, and strengthen the foundation for using networks with smart home appliances. Accelerate the spread of ultra-high definition smart set-top boxes, enrich TV content, and improve network transmission capabilities.


This notice (in Simplified Chinese) can be viewed at the Chinese Ministry of Commerce website at

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