China China’s Notice on Application for Second EPR Partner Plan

On March 10, 2021, China’s Alliance of Technology Innovation in Extending Producer Responsibility (EPR Alliance) released the “Notice on the Application for the Second EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) Partner Plan”.

Purpose of implementing the EPR Partner Plan

  • Actively promote the green development of the electrical and electronic product manufacturing industry
  • Encourage manufacturers to fulfill their extended responsibilities and build a green supply chain throughout the product life cycle.
  • Solve the problem of high recycle cost in the EPR collection process of enterprises and promote the matching with related processing enterprises.
  • Achieve information traceability in the entire process of collection and processing of waste electrical and electronic product, and establish a green, efficient, and low-cost green collection and processing route for waste electrical and electronic products.

Plan implementation flow of the EPR Partner Plan

  • In 2021, the second round of the EPR Partner Plan will be opened to all enterprises of collection and processing of waste electrical and electronic products in China.
  • To participate in the EPR Partner Plan, enterprises should apply and submit the application documents by April 12, 2021.
  • The EPR Alliance will organize experts to review the submitted materials from enterprises and will announce the second list of enterprises in the EPR Partner Plan at the International Conference on Extended Producer Responsibility System and Recycle and Treatment Technology for Electrical and Electronic Products (Changsha) held on May 13-14, 2021.
  • The EPR Alliance will organize the collection and processing enterprises in the EPR Partner Plan to promote cooperation with manufacturers and manage the implementation of the EPR Partner Plan.

In addition, the application forms for collecting and processing enterprises are attached to this notice. The main contents of the application forms for the collection enterprise are as follows.

  • Enterprise overview
  • Explanation of collection model
  • Description of cooperating processing enterprises
  • Management capability for collected waste
  • Status of collection information management system
  • Explanation of collection promotion events and information disclosure

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