Philippines Philippines revises notification procedures for new chemicals

Philippines revises notification procedures for new chemicals

On May 12, 2020, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) of Philippines announced the promulgation of the “Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) MC 2020-005, Data Requirements For Pre-Manufacture and Pre-Importation Notification (PMPIN) Procedures“. This circular is a set of detailed rules for the notification of new chemical substances in the Philippines, and specifies the procedures, information to be submitted, CBI and other requirements. A new chemical substance in the Philippines refers to a chemical substance that is not listed in the Philippine Inventory of Chemicals and Chemical Substances (PICCS).

This Memorandum Circular took effect fifteen (15) days after publication in the general newspaper and upon registration at the National Administrative Register.

The original text of this circular can be downloaded from the following link


Notification of New Chemical Substances

This memorandum circular sets forth the specific procedures and required data for the notification of new chemical substances in the Philippines. Notifications are divided into two categories: the “Abbreviated” and the “Detailed“. The former covers new chemical substances already listed in the chemical inventories of the United States, the European Union, Australia, Japan, Canada, or Korea, while the latter covers other substances. The “Detailed” differs from the “Abbreviated” in that it requires the results based on GLP for the physicochemical, toxicological, and environmental/ecological properties of the new chemical substance.

The specific information required for the “Abbreviated” and the “Detailed” notifications is specified in Annex A and Annex B of the Circular, respectively. The following two points have been added to the ” Abbreviated ” notifications.

  • Estimate the types of activities in which workers will be engaged in the use and production of the new chemical. Provide information on the maximum number of workers who will be exposed to the new chemical and the minimum number of hours per day. (However, this information is not required if the importer provides notification.
  • Estimate the amount of the new chemical that may be released through the air, surface water, groundwater, and soil. Also provide a brief statement of a release control measures plan.



If you are importing a mixture (chemical product) that contains a new chemical substance, you must submit the 100% composition, including CAS RNs, of all components in the mixture you are importing. However, if the information is confidential, the supplier or manufacturer may submit a Confidential Business  Information (CBI) form (Annex C) with the data subject to the requirement and the reason for the requirement to post it to EMB or send an email to


*For more information on PMPIN.

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