China China formally accepts Kigali Amendment

China formally accepts Kigali Amendment

China’s permanent representative to the United Nations on June 17 deposited the country’s instrument of acceptance with the UN Secretary-General. The amendment enters into force in China on September 15 (not applied to Hong Kong for the time being). China has become the 122nd nation to accept it.

The Kigali Amendment, which was adopted in the 28th Meeting of the Parties of the Montreal Protocol held in Kigali, Rwanda, has added hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) to the list of controlled substances. An overview of the amendment’s implementation in China, published by its Ministry of Ecology and Environment, is shown below.


18 HFCs controlled under the Kigali Amendment

HFC type


HFC type


HFC-134 1,100 HFC-245ca 693
HFC-134a 1,430 HFC-43-10mee 1,640
HFC-143 353 HFC-32 675
HFC-245fa 1,030 HFC-125 3,500
HFC-365mfc 794 HFC-143a 4,470
HFC-227ea 3,220 HFC-41 92
HFC-236cb 1,340 HFC-152 53
HFC-236ea 1,370 HFC-152a 124
HFC-236fa 9,810 HFC-23 14,800

* Global Warming Potential.


HFC phase-down schedule for China (developing countries Group 1)


1st step (2029) 10% reduction
2nd step (2035) 30% reduction
3rd step (2040) 50% reduction
4th step (2045) 80% reduction


Destruction of HFC-23

HFC-23 generated in HCFC and HFC production facilities is required to be destroyed to the extent practicable using approved technology.


Licensing system for the import and export of HFCs

A licensing system for the import and export of HFCs was established and put in place within three months from the entry into force of the Kigali Amendment.


Trading with non-parties

Trading with countries that are not parties to the Kigali Amendment will be banned from January 1, 2033.


Data reporting

  • Data on HFC production, import and export, etc. is reported annually.
  • Data on HFC-23 emissions from each production facility is reported annually.


You can read the announcement of China’s acceptance of the Kigali Amendment (in simplified Chinese) at

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