China Jiangxi, China issues measures for vehicle recycling, dismantling company qualification

The Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province, China on February 1, 2021 issued the Measures of Jiangxi Province on the Qualification of Scrap Vehicle Recycling and Dismantling Companies (the “Measures”) in accordance with the State Council’s Measures on the Management of Scrap Vehicle Recycling as well as the Enforcement Rules for the Measures on the Management of Scrap Vehicle Recycling, issued by seven government bodies, including the Ministry of Commerce. The Measures prohibit any unqualified entity or individual from recycling or dismantling scrap automobiles.

In addition, the Measures state that the central government encourages automakers to recycle and dismantle scrap vehicles; and that automakers have an extended producer responsibility (EPR) and must provide pertinent information, including in the form of a scrap vehicle dismantling manual, for vehicle recycling and dismantling companies according to the relevant national regulations.

The Measures list qualification requirements for scrap vehicle recycling and dismantling companies as follows:

  • Have corporate status
  • Meet the requirements of the Technical Specifications for End-of-life Vehicles Collecting and Dismantling Enterprises (GB22128) for locations, facilities, storage, dismantling technical standards and appropriate engineers
  • Meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Technical Specifications for Disassembly of End-of-life Vehicles (HJ348)
  • Have an ecological and environmental protection system in accordance with national regulations, appropriate measures for pollution control, and a system for appropriate disposal of solid waste generated in the dismantling process

The Measures also set out the documents to be submitted by companies applying for qualification, the qualification application process, etc.

These Measures took effect on March 1, 2021.

The full text of the Measures (in Chinese) is available on this page of the website of Jiangxi Province’s Department of Commerce: