Indonesia Indonesia introduces new registration system for some household goods

Including electrical products, textiles, and stationery

Indonesia introduces new registration system for some household goods

On March 4, 2019, the Republic of Indonesia’s Regulation of the Minister of Commerce No. 18 of 2019 on testing methods, registration procedures, monitoring, suspension of trading activities and recall of goods related to safety, security, health and environment was enacted in Indonesia. This regulation requires manufacturers to register certain products prior to their distribution in the market and would take effect on August 14, 2019. However, a one-year grace period from the effective date for compliance with the regulation is given for the products already distributed in the Indonesia market.

The original text of this regulation is downloadable at the following URL.


Regulated products

The products covered by this regulation are broadly divided into two categories: electrical and electronic products and products containing the chemical substances, which are specifically the following certain items, respectively. The electrical and electronic products are subject to safety requirements, while the chemical substance-containing products should be compliant with maximum permissible values for heavy metals, formaldehyde, azo dyes, PFOS, PFOA, etc. The details including test methods are provided in Annex I of this regulation.

Electrical and Electronic Products

Products Containing Hazardous Chemicals

Vacuum cleaners


Rice cookers

Electric kettles

Hair dryers

Microwave ovens

Electric shavers

Electric massage equipment

On-demand water heaters

Electric hot pots

Portable microwave ovens




Food processors

Water servers

Hand dryers

Hair irons

Electric drills

Electric grinders

Electric saws


Textiles and fabrics

Carpets/floor mats


Bed sheets










Mandatory Registration Rules

The above regulated products need to be registered before they are distributed in the Indonesian domestic market. The registration procedures are undertaken through the licensing service system by the General Directorate of Consumer Protection and Commercial Transactions under the Ministry of Commerce, and the following documents must be prepared.

    1. Manufacturing business license for manufacturers or trading business license for importers
    2. Declaration of self-conformity with laboratory test results in writing for the targeted products. It must include the brand name, model number, and type of the products and be issued up to six months prior to the date of application submission.
    3. List of the names and addresses of distributors, agents, wholesalers, and/or retailers.


If there is no deficiency with the application, the Ministry of Commerce will issue a “K3L Products Registration” within three business days after application. The registration issued will contain a “K3L Products Registration Number,” which must be written on the packaging or label of the goods. In addition, the manufacturer (or importer) must re-register every five years after the issuance of the K3L Products Registration in order to update the data.

Furthermore, the products that obtain the K3L Goods Registration will be disclosed through the official website of the Ministry of Commerce or other media outlets.

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