1. When water pollution, air pollution, or hazardous waste contamination occurs, business entities shall take immediate countermeasures against the pollution/contamination. The countermeasure includes:
    • Giving information and warning about the incident to the local community, at the latest 24 hours since pollution/contamination is known
    • Isolating the pollutants/contaminants
    • Stoppage of the contamination sources
    • Other means in accordance with advanced science and technology
  2. The responsible party shall take countermeasures to contain the contamination within 24 hours since the pollution is known.
  3. If the responsible party does not take any countermeasure to contain the contamination within 24 hours, Minister/Governor or Regent/City Major shall appoint a third party to take countermeasures, of which cost will be reimbursed by the responsible business entity.
  4. The responsible party shall report the emergency condition of the pollution/contamination electronically to the Minister, Governor and or Regent/City Mayor in 24 hours after pollution is known. The report consist of information on location, time, cause, estimated impact to the environment, and countermeasure and containment efforts that have been made.
  5. The responsible party shall submit daily update/report to the government on the containment effort and environmental condition
  6. Environmental restoration measures shall be taken within 30 days after the pollution/contamination occurs.
  7. If the resonsible party does not make restoration efforts within 30 days after the pollution/contamination is known, responsible authoritative officials shall appoint a third party to take restoration measures, of which cost will be reimbursed by the responsible business entity.
  8. Every business entity that produces B3 waste, dump B3 waste or who work on B3 waste management service shall have an Emergency Response System which consists of:
    • B3 waste management emergency program
    • Training and emergency drill at least once a year
    • Emergency countermeasures
  9. For B3 waste land contamination, the restoration measures shall be conducted until the Ministry issues a Decree on Contaminated Land Restoration Completion (Surat Penetapan Status Telah Selesainya Pemulihan Lahan/SSPLT)


Government Regulation No. 22 of 2021 on Environmental Protection and Management:

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Framework of EHS laws and regulations in Indonesia.

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