India India contacts Chemexcil with list of 110 chemicals for which it is considering issuing Quality Control Order

India contacts Chemexcil with list of 110 chemicals for which it is considering issuing Quality Control Order

On 26 December 2022, the Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council (Chemexcil) of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry of India, in a notification addressed to the members of the organization (BIS – To seek inputs for 110 Chemicals identified by Dept of Chemicals for making QCO Notified), gave a notification that the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers was considering the issue of a Quality Control Order for 110 chemicals to comply with the Indian Standard (BIS), attached a list of the target chemicals, and requested that opinions be submitted by 29 December 2022. Chemicals under consideration include aluminum (powder), benzene, calcium carbide, methyl chloride, sodium chloride, and trichloroethylene. If the Quality Control Order is published, products must comply with each applicable Indian Standard and must bear the “Standard Mark” based on the license granted by the Bureau of Indian Standards under the scheme of the “Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018.” The Order does not apply to products for export.


List of 110 chemicals for which the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers is considering issuing a Quality Control Order

Ÿ   Acetaldehyde

Ÿ   Acetic Anhydride

Ÿ   Acetylene

Ÿ   Aluminium (Powder)

Ÿ   Aluminium Chloride

Ÿ   Aluminium phosphide

Ÿ   Ammonia

Ÿ   Ammonium Nitrate

Ÿ   Anthraquinone

Ÿ   Barium Nitrate

Ÿ   Benzene

Ÿ   Benzotrichloride

Ÿ   Benzoyl Chloride

Ÿ   Benzyl Chloride

Ÿ   Bromine

Ÿ   Cadmium Oxide

Ÿ   Calcium Carbide

Ÿ   Camphechlor (Toxaphene)

Ÿ   Captan

Ÿ   Carbaryl

Ÿ   Carbon tetrachloride

Ÿ   Carbon disulphide

Ÿ   Cellulose Nitrate

Ÿ   Chlorine

Ÿ   Chlormequat Chloride

Ÿ   Chloroaniline-2

Ÿ   Chloroaniline-4

Ÿ   Chlorobenzene

Ÿ   Chloroform

Ÿ   Copper and Compounds

Ÿ   Copperoxychloride

Ÿ   Coumafuryl

Ÿ   Crotonaldehyde

Ÿ   Cyclohexanone

Ÿ   Cypermethrin

Ÿ   Dichlorvos (DDVP)

Ÿ   Diethylene Glycol

Ÿ   Dimethoate

Ÿ   Dimethyl P phenylenediamine

Ÿ   Dimethylamine

Ÿ   Dimethylaniline

Ÿ   Dinitrotoluene

Ÿ   Endrin

Ÿ   Ethion

Ÿ   Ethyl Acetate

Ÿ   Ethylene Dibromide

Ÿ   Ethylene Oxide

Ÿ   Formaldehyde

Ÿ   Formic Acid

Ÿ   Formothion

Ÿ   Heptachlor

Ÿ   Hexane

Ÿ   Hydrazine

Ÿ   Hydrogen

Ÿ   Hydrogen Fluoride

Ÿ   Isopropyl Alcohol

Ÿ   Magnesium Powder or Ribbon

Ÿ   Malathion

Ÿ   Methyl Alcohol

Ÿ   Methyl Bromide (Bromomethane)

Ÿ   Methyl Chloroform

Ÿ   Methyl Isobutyl Ketone

Ÿ   Methylene Chloride

Ÿ   Monocrotophos

Ÿ   N-Butyl Acetate

Ÿ   N-Butyl Alcohol

Ÿ   N-Hexane

Ÿ   Naphthalene

Ÿ   Nicotine Sulphate

Ÿ   Nitric Acid

Ÿ   Nitrobenzene

Ÿ   Nitrocellulose (Dry)

Ÿ   Nitrogen

Ÿ   Oleum

Ÿ   P-Nitrophenol

Ÿ   Paraquat

Ÿ   Parathion Methyl

Ÿ   Perchloroethylene

Ÿ   Phenol

Ÿ   Phenyl Mercury Acetate

Ÿ   Phenylene P-diamine

Ÿ   Phosphoric Acid

Ÿ   Phosphorous

Ÿ   Phosphorous Trichloride

Ÿ   Phosphorous Penta Chloride

Ÿ   Potassium Chlorate

Ÿ   Potassium Cyanide

Ÿ   Potassium Silver Cyanide

Ÿ   Propylene Glycol, Allylether

Ÿ   Quinaliphos

Ÿ   Sodium

Ÿ   Sodium Chlorate

Ÿ   Sodium Cyanide

Ÿ   Sodium Hydroxide

Ÿ   Sodium Pentachloro-Phenate

Ÿ   Sulphur dioxide

Ÿ   Sulphur trioxide

Ÿ   Sulphuric Acid

Ÿ   Thiometon

Ÿ   Thionyl Chloride

Ÿ   Triazophos

Ÿ   Trichloroethylene

Ÿ   Warfarin

Ÿ   Warfarin Sodium

Ÿ   Zinc Phosphide

Ÿ   Zirconium & Compounds

Ÿ   Anhydrous Ammonia

Ÿ   Alumina Calcined

Ÿ   Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI-80)

Ÿ   Industrial Grade Urea (Technical grade Urea)


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