India India adds UHD TV and Air Compressor to Voluntary Labeling Program

On January 11, 2021, India’s Ministry of Power and others added UHD televisions and air compressors to the voluntary products covered by the Standards & Labeling Programme (energy-saving labeling scheme) and started to apply them.


UHD televisions (Schedule 26)


The scope covers UHD televisions of Liquid Crystal Display with LED backlighting, OLED displays, QLED displays, Micro-LED displays, that may be utilised to make and sell UHD televisions in the Indian market having native resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (4K) and 7,680 x 4,320 pixels (8K) which can be powered only by an external power supply at a voltage not exceeding 250 V ac, 50 Hz being manufactured, imported and commercially purchased or sold in India.


The annual energy consumption standards (AEC) are as follows (e.g., for UHD 4K TVs).

In addition, standby power consumption is uniformly set at 0.4W or less.


1 Star 0.0271*A + 6.226 < AEC ≦ 0.0325*A + 6.226
2 Star 0.0217*A + 6.226 < AEC ≦ 0.0271*A + 6.226
3 Star 0.0174*A + 6.226 < AEC ≦ 0.0217*A + 6.226
4 Star 0.0139*A + 6.226 < AEC ≦ 0.0174*A + 6.226
5 Star      AEC ≦ 0.0139*A + 6.226

A: effective/viewable screen are (cm2)


Air Compressors (Schedule 27)


The scope covers electrically driven positive displacement, fixed speed rotary and reciprocating, oil lubricated/oil injected, air-cooled and water cooled, air compressor having a full load operating gauge pressure greater than equal to 500 kPa or 5 bar[g] and motor rating between 0.37 to 500 kW with rated voltage of 230 / 415 V and frequency 50Hz AC. covered under the scope of IS 5456 and IS/ISO 1217: 2009 with all its amendments, being manufactured, imported or assembled for the purpose of commercial sale in India.


For example, the isentropic efficiency thresholds for air-cooled positive displacement compressors (Rotary and reciprocating) are as follows.


Star Rating Motor Ratings(MR)(Unit: kW)
0.37≦MR<11 11≦MR≦30 37≦MR≦55 75≦MR<185 200≦MR<500
1 Star 44≦isen<50 54≦isen<60 66≦isen<70 71≦isen<75 73≦isen<77
2 Star 50≦isen<56 60≦isen<66 70≦isen<74 75≦isen<79 77≦isen<81
3 Star 56≦isen<62 66≦isen<72 74≦isen<78 79≦isen<83 81≦isen<85
4 Star 62≦isen<68 72≦isen<78 78≦isen<82 83≦isen<87 85≦isen<89
5 Star isen≧50 isen≧78 isen≧82 isen≧87 isen≧89


In addition, test items, guidelines for testing, and the design and content of labeling are stipulated.


The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) also issued an important directive on this matter on January 21, 2020, which covers the scope, the period of application of the energy efficiency standards, and the call for registration with BEE.

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