India India to Add Solar Photovoltaic Module as Voluntary Product in the Standards & Labeling Programme

India to Add Solar Photovoltaic Module as Voluntary Product in the Standards & Labeling Programme

India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) added solar photovoltaic modules as voluntary product under the Standards & Labeling Programme, an energy labeling scheme, on October 20, 2023. Solar photovoltaic modules produced in or imported into India may now display a star rating label, based on the prescribed energy efficiency and conservation standards. Details to be labeled on photovoltaic modules include its effective efficiency and annual electricity generation. The scheme covers all types of photovoltaic modules, regardless of size or electricity generation.

The following international standards must be adhered to in order for solar photovoltaic modules to be labeled.

  • IS 14286:2010
  • IS 16077:2013
  • IS 16170 part1:2015
  • IS 12834: 2013


Energy standards

Applicable period: January 1, 2024 ~ December 25, 2025

Star Rating Effective Efficiency
1-Star ≧17% & ≦18%
2-Star >18% & ≦20%
3-Star >20% & ≦21%
4-Star >21% & ≦22%
5-Star >22%

Eg. Sample of Label for Solar Photovoltaic Module


The schedule for solar photovoltaic module (Schedule 35) can be downloaded from the URL below:



EnviX Comment

As of early November 2023, there are currently 15 mandatory products and 20 voluntary products subject to the energy label. Among the voluntary products, there are some products for which regulations have already been promulgated to move them into the mandatory category. It is common practice that new products are first added to the voluntary list and then moved to the mandatory list a few years later. For products subject to mandatory labeling, energy standards may also be revised on an irregular basis. Therefore, it is necessary to continue monitoring such developments.

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