China China publishes FAQs on GHS labels, classification, 2D codes, etc. of hazardous chemicals

China publishes FAQs on GHS labels, classification, 2D codes, etc. of hazardous chemicals

China’s Ministry of Emergency Management irregularly publishes explanatory information on hazardous chemicals in the “emergency online” section of its website. Here are some of the Q&A released in August 2022.

Release date Question Answer
Aug. 15, 2022 There are substances that are not on the 2015 List of Hazardous Chemicals but fall under the definition of hazardous chemicals, such as triethylene glycol and diethylene glycol butyl ether. Are they considered hazardous chemicals? When a substance that is not on the list is classified as a hazardous chemical based on the prescribed classification method according to 2015 List of Hazardous Chemicals Implementation Guidelines (Trial Implementation), you have to register it in accordance with the Measures for the Registration and Management of Hazardous Chemicals, but other administrative procedures are not required.
Aug. 11, 2022 About the hazardous chemical business license:

If we purchase hazardous chemicals from a Hong Kong-based trading company that has registered in and has its address in Hong Kong, does this trading company need a hazardous chemical business license?

The hazardous chemical business license is only required for companies handling hazardous chemicals in mainland China. Hong Kong-based companies are not subject to this requirement.
Aug. 2, 2022 Do dangerous goods that are not hazardous chemicals (e.g., cotton) require GHS labels? GHS labels are not required if the goods are not hazardous chemicals. Ask the customs office for legal information on import and export of such goods.
About the two-dimensional code for hazardous chemicals:

If we provide the hazardous chemical two-dimensional code in the car that carries the purchaser’s hazardous chemicals, do we have to provide paper two-dimensional codes?

Because hazardous chemical two-dimensional codes are currently experimental, please ask your local government’s emergency management department about that.


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