China China drafts amendment for regulations on road transportation of dangerous goods

Comments invited until May 1, 2021

On April 1, 2021, the Ministry of Transport of P.R. China released the “Regulations on the administration of road transportation of dangerous goods (Revised draft for comments)” on its homepage. The deadline for feedback is May 1, 2021. This regulation is an important regulation regarding the transportation of dangerous goods in China. The key points of this revision are as follows.

Modification of name

In order to make terms consistent with “Safety management measures for road transport of dangerous goods”, which is a higher-level law, in this revision, the name has been changed from ” Regulations on the administration of dangerous goods road transportation” to ” Regulations on the administration of road transportation of dangerous goods “.

Improve the permit system for road transportation of dangerous goods

In this revision, the requirements for each relevant party are clearly defined. The main requirements are as follows.

  • Improvement the enterprise access management. For example, the parking lots of dangerous goods road transport companies must be equipped with the necessary equipment.
  • Dangerous goods road transport enterprises must take out insurance. In addition, the business scope of the enterprise is decided by its asset scale, risk control ability and accident compensation ability.
  • The technical requirements of vehicles are further strictly clarified. For example, technical standards for dangerous goods transport vehicles and tanks of tank vehicles have been clearly defined, and the safety guarantee period of vehicles and equipment has been reduced from 1 year to 180 days; The type of vehicle must be stated on the “road transport certificate”.
  • The management of special vehicles and measures, as well as the management of transportation have been strengthened.

This administrative regulation mainly applies to enterprises which business scope are   dangerous goods transportation. General enterprises that have a demand for dangerous goods transportation are not subject to this regulation, but when they entrust the transportations, they are obliged to comply with the law and outsource them to a qualified transportation company.

For the original text of the “Regulations on the administration of road transportation of dangerous goods (revised draft for comments)”, please refer to the following URL (simplified Chinese).