Vietnam Vietnam enacts Prime Minister’s decision to set targets for biodiversity conservation by 2030

Vietnam enacts Prime Minister’s decision to set targets for biodiversity conservation by 2030

On January 28, 2022, the Vietnamese government enacted the “Prime Minister’s Decision 149/QD-TTg on a National Strategy on Biodiversity for 2030 with a Vision for 2050” (hereinafter referred to as the Decision). Specific priority programs and projects to implement the Decision are listed in Annex I.

The original text of the Decision can be downloaded from the following URL.


Various Goals based on the Decision

The goals for 2030 and the vision for 2050 were set as follows.

Goals for 2030
  • Increase the area of natural ecosystems that can be protected and restored.
  • By conserving biodiversity and using it sustainably, we will develop the economy and society toward achieving a green economy and responding to climate change.
Vision for 2050
  • Effectively restore and conserve endangered, precious, and rare genetic resources.
  • Promote the effective use of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Ultimately, aim to secure ecosystems, respond to climate change, and sustain national development.


Important Tasks

The specific tasks to achieve the above goals are as follows.

  • Strengthen the conservation and restoration of biodiversity.
  • Prioritize the protection of endangered, previous, and rare animals, etc.
  • Strengthen the protection and management of genetic resources.
  • Promote biodiversity assessments and benefits for sustainable development, natural disaster prevention, and climate change response.
  • Manage activities that have a negative impact on biodiversity.


Main Measures

  • Complete biodiversity policies, laws, and management systems to improve the ability to implement laws.
  • Raise awareness about nature conservation and biodiversity.
  • Strengthen biodiversity requirements in policy decisions and investments in public projects.
  • Promote research and development, and the transfer and application of state-of-the-art technologies in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.
  • Assure biodiversity financing resources.
  • Strengthen international cooperation on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

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