Malaysia Malaysia launches masterplan for low carbon cities

9 key directions and 24 key action plans are set

Malaysia launches masterplan for low carbon cities

On July 13, 2021, the Malaysian Low Carbon Cities Conference (MyL3C) with the theme “Empowering Cities Towards a Low Carbon Pathway” was held in Malaysia and attended by 500 people from ministries, local authorities, professional bodies and the others. In the conference, the National Low Carbon Cities Masterplan (NLCCM) was launched. The NLCCM is a low carbon initiative in Malaysian cities under the Green Technology Application for the Development of Low Carbon Cities (GTALCC), a five-year project to promote low carbon cities. The NLCCM consists of nine key directions and 24 key actions under three key drivers and three key enablers.


National Low Carbon Cities Masterplan (NLCCM)

NLCCM is a national strategy to promote urban development while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To achieve this, the masterplan adopts 3M approach (Measurement, Management and Mitigation of GHG emissions) to reduce environmental impacts.

The target cities of this masterplan are 33 local governments with populations of 300,000 or more and are classified into Groups 1 to 3. The 15 cities classified as Group 1 are expected to achieve carbon neutrality in their urban areas by 2050.

Recommendations are also made for each of the 24 action plans identified in this masterplan.


The nine key directions for low carbon development in Malaysia identified in this masterplan are as follows:

  1. Streamline and integrate related low carbon policies and regulations
  2. Strengthen the institutional framework and implementation mechanism at all levels
  3. Mainstream low carbon urban planning and development
  4. Increase community participation in low carbon development
  5. Provide funding and financing to facilitate low carbon development
  6. Invest and build capacity to act
  7. Improve low carbon information and data management
  8. Measure low carbon performance
  9. Develop citywide/sectoral development strategies on low carbon


The National Low Carbon Cities Masterplan (NLCCM) can be downloaded from the following URL.

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