Malaysia MEPS guideline for freezers published in Malaysia

MEPS guideline for freezers published in Malaysia

A guideline for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for freezers is released in Malaysia on March 1, 2021. This guideline determines matters including the definition of the target product, testing standards, and energy efficiency label standards.



Scope of target products
This guideline applies to freezers equipped with solid doors with capacity up to or equal to 320 liters. Note that any product(s) that have been exempted by Malaysia’s Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) shall not be covered.


Testing standards
The degree of energy efficiency of each product is indicated by the number of stars on the label (Star Index). Star Index shall be calculated as follows.

*EEF: Energy efficiency factor (EEF) = adjusted volume (L) / energy consumption per day (kWh)
*EEF Average: EEF that is determined through local market survey
*EEF tested: EEF for each individual product

The tests shall be conducted in accordance with following testing standards.

    • IEC 62552-1:2015/AMD1:2020 Household refrigerating appliances – Characteristics and test methods – Part 1: General requirements
    • IEC 62552-3:2015/AMD1:2020 Household refrigerating appliances – Characteristics and test methods – Part 3: Energy consumption and volume

There are five levels of energy efficiency label ratings, and ranges of Star Index values that satisfy each level is shown in the table below. 2-Star in the table is equivalent to MEPS, and products that achieve 2-Star are eligible to be issued “Certificate of Approval (COA)” which must be obtained when importing, retailing, promoting, or manufacturing electrical appliances.


Energy efficiency label
The design for the labels is as shown in the figure below.

Note that the energy saving value (%) compared to the 2-star (MEPS) product must be indicated on the label (the part of “Produk ini Menggunakan XX% Kurang Tenaga” on the label above). The energy saving value can be calculated by the following formula.

See the figure below for the position to put the label on.

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