Malaysia Malaysia newly regulates import and export of HFCs

On February 26, 2020, the following two laws regarding trade control were promulgated in Malaysia. Both will come into effect on March 1, 2020. Both laws newly add HFCs, which are controlled substances under the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, to goods subject to trade control.


Licenses from the Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia will be required for the import and export of the following HFCs that newly became the target of regulation as a result of this revision.

    • HFC-365mfc
    • HFC-43-10mee
    • HFC-41
    • HFC-32
    • HFC-23
    • HFC-152a
    • HFC-152
    • HFC-143a
    • HFC-143
    • HFC-134a
    • HFC-134
    • HFC-125
    • HFC-245fa
    • HFC-245ca
    • HFC-236cb
    • HFC-236ea
    • HFC-236fa
    • HFC-227ea
    • Mixed refrigerant HFC-404A
    • Mixed refrigerants HFC-407A, 407B, 407C, 407D, 407E, 407E, 407F
    • Mixed refrigerants HFC-410A, 410B
    • Mixed refrigerants HFC-417A, 417B
    • Mixed refrigerant HFC-507A
    • Mixed refrigerants HFC-508A, 508B