China China’s local governments strengthen safety management for companies manufacturing hazardous chemicals

Measures to suppress coronavirus pandemic’s impact on production

In China, in an effort to suppress the impact on spread of the new coronavirus infections in production activities, local governments are carrying out emergency management and emergency measures on quarantine material and hazardous chemical production enterprises in their jurisdiction to strengthen the management of safe production. Some provincial-level local governments are taking the following measures.


Hubei Province

Hubei’s Emergency Management Agency issued the emergency notification on February 2, 2020, requesting hazardous chemicals producers to assure enhancement of their safety supervision and management of hazardous chemicals in the epidemic prevention and control period as follows:

The emergency management agencies at all levels shall immediately assess the status of production, production stoppage and reproduction of hazardous material manufacturers in their jurisdiction and prepare their inventories.

They especially strengthen inspections for companies producing disinfection products.

While ensuring epidemic prevention, companies must take emergency measures in the case to resolutely prevent production safety incidents and the spread of epidemics.


Hebei Province

On February 1, 2020, Safety Production Commission of Hebei promulgated a “Notice of safe production during the re-production period after an epidemic outbreak” and reaffirmed that it was not permitted to start re-production for companies until 24:00 on February 9, 2020. At the same time, it required companies that produce hazardous chemicals to strictly implement a safety check system for reproduction while eliminating risks and potential risks.


Henan Province

Emergency Management Bureau of Henan launched the first-class measures at the end of January 2020, at the same time, based on the New Coronavirus Infection Prevention First Aid Measures of Emergency Management Bureau of Henan, several expert service teams was dispatched to various places in the province to strengthen safety measures for companies producing epidemic prevention materials and high-risk companies.

In Henan Province, there are 23 companies that produce sodium hypochlorite. Since these companies can produce about 760 tons of sodium hypochlorite per day, they are provided tracking and instruction services, establishment of “daily schedule system” and adjustment of production statistics and safety production conditions.

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