China China adds 6 substances to regulated precursor chemicals list

China adds 6 substances to regulated precursor chemicals list

China’s State Council on May 28th revealed six substances added to the Catalog of Classification and Types of Precursor Chemicals (易制毒化学品的分类和品种目录) in accordance with Article 2 of the Regulation on the Administration of Precursor Chemicals (the “Regulation”; 易制毒化学品管理条例). This catalog is an appendix to the Regulation.

The four substances below were added to Category II precursor chemicals:

  • methyl alpha-acetylphenylacetate
  • alpha-phenylacetoacetamide
  • 3,4-MDP-2-P methyl glycidic acid
  • 3,4-MDP-2-P methyl glycidate

The other two substances to Category III:

  • benzyl cyanide
  • gamma-butyrolactone

Article 2 of the Regulation is excerpted below:

Article 2. The government implements a classification-based management and licensing system for the production, handling, purchase, transportation, import and export of precursor chemicals.

Precursor chemicals are classified into three categories: Category I represents main raw materials that can be used for drug production, and Category II and III represent chemical formulations that can be used for drug production. Refer to the appendix for categories and items of precursor chemicals.

You can read the State Council’s announcement (in simplified Chinese) at

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