China China releases “Notice on new energy vehicles campaign in 2021”

China releases “Notice on new energy vehicles campaign in 2021”

On March 31,2021, four administrative agencies, including Ministry of Industry and Information, Ministry of Commerce and etc. of P.R. China jointly released “Notice on implementing new energy vehicles going to the countryside campaign in 2021” (hereafter referred as “Notice”). The notice is formulated to thoroughly implement the plan of State Council executive meeting, and strengthen the implementation of “New energy vehicles industry development plan (2021-2035)”. To stably increase the vehicles consumption, promote the popularization of new energy vehicles in rural areas, and guide residents to travel green, achieve the goals of carbon peaks and carbon neutralization, Ministry of Industry and Information, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural affairs, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Energy jointly organize this new around new energy vehicles going to countryside campaign.

  • Campaign period

March to December, 2021

  • Implementation area

Third-tier and Forth-tier cities in Shanxi Province, Jilin Province, Henan Province, Hubei Province, Hunan Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Chongqing City, Shandong Province, Jiangsu Province, Hainan Province, Sichuan Province and Tsingtao City.

  • Campaign theme

Green, low carbon, smart, safe, stepping into the new-era in one step, supporting to promote the rural revitalization comprehensively.

  • Entrusted agency

China Association of Automobile Manufactures

In the appendix of the notice, there is a list of enterprises and vehicles which participate in the campaign. In the enterprises list, there are Great Wall Motors, BYD,SGMW, Chang’an Vehicle, Lingpao Vehicle, etc. In the vehicles list, there are Hongguang MINIEV, SGMW Rongwei Wi5, Little ant EQ1, Lingpao T03 and etc, a total of 52 kinds vehicles are listed.

The notice also mentions that encourage enterprises related to the new energy vehicle industry that participate in going to countryside campaign to actively participate in the “Brand & Quality Online Shopping Festival”, support enterprises to cooperate with e-commerce, Internet platforms, etc. to organize online car shopping activities. In addition, encourage local government to introduce more support policies for new energy vehicles going to the countryside, improve the environment for the usage of new energy vehicles, and promote the construction of battery charging and replacement infrastructure.

For the original text, you can refer to the following website of the Ministry of Industry and Information (in simplified Chinese).

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